Value Proposition

ISTPCanada facilitates the development of bilateral and multilateral R&D partnerships that add value to:  

  • Companies by providing access to new R&D resources, accelerating the development and commercialization of new technologies, and opening-up new domestic and global markets;  
  • Academics by enabling them to gain greater leverage from research investments and infrastructure, strengthening research capabilities, and developing, attracting and retaining research talent;  
  • Governments by leveraging the value of every dollar invested in these organizations, increasing policy coherence across federal and provincial governments, delivering on innovation goals; and  
  • Canadian tax-payers by creating new expertise and jobs, and stimulating economic development.  

Leveraging new mechanisms of R&D cooperation with partners in China, India and Brazil, ISTPCanada is enabling global S&T partnerships in priority areas such as life sciences, energy, environment, and information and communications technologies (ICT). The emerging partnerships build on complementary strengths, address shared opportunities and challenges, and deliver benefits to all participating countries.  

For example, bilateral teams are developing new and affordable drugs for diseases such as AIDS and malaria, creating new diagnostics that promote earlier cancer detection and treatment, clean technologies that fuel jet planes and help to preserve our food supply. These alliances are helping to stimulate the collaborative development and commercialization of new products and services, create highly skilled jobs, and boost Canadian exports.  


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