Canada and Israel cyber security partnership

Cyber Security is the need of the hour and without it, the world can never be a safe place to live. It is highly advised to all the countries of the world by their intelligence agencies. The best part of the cyber security is that it is a huge knowledge transfer and therefore the countries from all over the world can take advantage of the resources of others. Canada has recently entered into a cyber-security partnership with Israel. It is a huge deal for both countries as it is what they both need. The Royal Bank of Canada and the Ben Gurion University has joined hands to make both the countries safe and secure.

Canada is a country that is considered to be a huge tech market and therefore it cannot be overseen by the tech companies from around the world. The country has several bilateral and even trilateral partnerships with the other countries to make sure that the tech innovations are not only taught but learned as well. Canada has a full-time team of experts with the name of International Science and Technology Partnerships which makes sure that all such deals are carried out on the country’s behalf. The program is funded by the federal government and it allows the country to directly collaborate for such tech-based projects.

Royal Bank of Canada investment

The RBC will be investing $2 million to make sure that the Ben Gurion University provides the necessary talent to fight online terrorism. The Ben Gurion University is known for the pool of talent to counter the issues which the countries might face in form of cybersecurity issues. The BGN technologies are the ones which will be collaborating with the company to make sure that the best form of cybersecurity is implemented. RBC is not the only financial institution to make sure that such investments are made. There are 2 other Canadian Banks which has collaborated with the BGN technologies to make their online presence even stronger. Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank are already enjoying the cybersecurity space for their banks.

Emerging threat

It is highly advised by the BGN technologies that the cyber-security space is made secure for the banks. It is all because of the fact that the hackers are also changing the methods and the banks is a lucrative target for them. It is not known that what is the intention of such terrorist and issues are emerging with every passing day. The BGN technologies make sure that the best outcome is generated by implementing the best cybersecurity plan.

Who is BGN?

Who is BGN

The BGN can be regarded as one of the best and the most advanced technology transfer company in the world. The talent pool of the company is great and the people working with the company have both military and corporate background. The company constantly researches for the tech advancements which can be made to make the online space more protective for the companies which are working all over the world.