Call for Proposals for Canada-Brazil R&D Projects  

Hosted by ISTPCanada 

This Canada-Brazil Call for Proposals (CFP) for Collaborative R&D Projects will be delivered by ISTPCanada. Brazilian companies are required to secure funding for their respective component of the project.

Objective: This Call invites companies from Canada and Brazil to propose bilateral R&D projects for the joint development of innovative products or processes. Academic institutions, research hospitals, other institutes, or research associations are strongly encouraged to participate in the projects as co-investigators.  This CFP aims to stimulate innovative R&D cooperation that address a specific market need or challenge; demonstrate high commercial potential; and deliver benefit to all participants, and more broadly, to both countries.  

Priority Sectors: ISTPCanada and Brazilian partners will accept quality applications in any of the following sectors, but will prioritize the following sub-sectors for funding:  

  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
    • Gaming
    • Cloud Computing
    • Wireless Broadband  
  • Ocean Science and Technology
    • Sensor Technology and Platforms
    • Data Management Technologies
    • Observation Systems  
  • Life Sciences
    • Neurodegenerative disease
      • Diagnostics, biomarkers, pharmaceuticals
    • Infectious Diseases (Denge)
      • Diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and vaccines
  • Green Energy and Clean Technologies
    • Hydrogen production
      • Testing of new technologies, production from ethanol reforming, pyrolysis of feedstock  
    • Hydroelectricity
      • Low head turbines, new dam architectures
    • Smart grid
    • Integration of new and alternative power sources

    • Nanotechnology
      • Photovoltaics
    • Green Mining
      • Water and effluent management, abandoned and orphaned mines, ventilation on demand, green vehicles

Funding: Canada

On the Canadian side, funding recipients are eligibile to receive up to a maximum of CDN $400,000 or up to 50 percent of the total R&D project value. As part of this single application:

  • ISTPCanada will award funding to Canadian companies as a non-repayable contribution. These recipients are not required to repay this contribution at the completion of the project.
  • NSERC will award funding directly to collaborating Canadian university and college researchers as a non-repayable grant if the project has an integrated CRD (Collaborative R&D) or ARD (Applied R&D) component.

Funding: Brazil 

Brazilian companies are required to secure funding for their respective component of the project. Firms from Brazil are strongly encouraged to explore funding opportunities with federal and state agencies that include, but are not limited to: FACEPE (Pernambuco State Research Support Foundation); FAPERJ (Rio de Janeiro State Foundation Support Research); CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). Companies many also acquire funding from other federal and regional innovation agencies, investors or other funding sources.  

Apply Today

To apply to this Call, Canadian applicants must identify a collaborating Brazilian company with funding for their component of the bilateral R&D project.  As noted above, this funding may be acquired from a variety of sources. Applicants are required to review all of the following documents before developing an application:  

This document outlines all terms, conditions and criteria for this Call for Proposals, as well as the application submission, evaluation and selection process

This document aims to help all applicants develop a strong Expression of Interest (EoI) and Proposal

All applicants are required to use this template when submitting an Expression of Interest.


Should you have any questions about this CFP or the application process, please contact Bharat Rudra, Country Manager for Brazil at 613.729.3069, ext. 224 or

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